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strategic researchINAR strateginen m


Strategic research aims to answer the grand challenges facing our society and to produce knowledge that guides the society towards a sustainable future. The research conducted under INAR tackles especially climate change and air pollution, some of the most the urgent challenges of our time.

INAR promotes strategic research through:

World-class research infrastructures (RI)
Through its harmonised measurements and modelling, INAR RI and integrated network of RIs such as ACTRIS, ANAEE, PEEX, ENVRI, ICOS, support decision-making by providing long-term knowledge on environmental changes for the benefit of the future.

INAR promotes open science by making its data openly available to the public authorities and for research via e-infrastructure SmartSMEAR. INAR RI metadata and key measurement stations are actively used in lower and higher education initiatives as well as in artistic projects.

Excellent science
INAR brings together a large and international network of scientists to carry out out high-standard atmospheric, ecosystem and Earth system research in a multidisciplinary research environment.

Education and training
INAR partners organize education and training for primary and higher education. Climate change education encourage the students to understand an evaluate themselves the importance of the challenge, and to see the impacts of different choices and political decisions.

INAR contributes to the innovation environment. INAR research collaborations has lead, for example, to spin-off companies which produce measurement techniques, to modelling, and to transdiciplinary research infrastructures.

Science & society dialogue
INAR is actively involved in various outreach activities which enhance the dialogue among the scientific community, society, and arts in Finland and globally.