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National Institute for Integrated Atmospheric and Earth System Science Research (INAR) is a Finnish research network formed to guide the Finnish atmospheric and Earth system science towards building an internationally leading, integrated multidisciplinary research environment for atmospheric and Earth system science.

INAR produces multidisciplinary, detailed knowledge and data on material and energy flows within ecosystems and the atmosphere. It focuses especially on biological and physical basis of climate change and on ecosystem-atmosphere interactions, one key element being the aerosols. INAR research is based on the scientific collaboration under The Centre of Excellence in Atmospheric Science - From Molecular and Biological processes to The Global Climate.

INAR metadata are centrally assemble into an e-infrastructure. Through this infrastructure, they are made openly available to the public authorities and for research and education on topics concerning atmosphere, environment, climate change, air quality and health.

INAR maintains and develops field stations and laboratories needed in this research, organizes research education, and acts as national partner in atmospheric EU projects. The research infrastructure in INAR is called INAR RI.

INAR network is led by the University of Helsinki, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the University of Eastern Finland and Tampere University of Technology. INAR RI has additional partners: CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd and the Finnish Forest Research Institute.

INAR is supported by the partner universities and institutes, The Academy of Finland, and The Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo.