B INAR-logomvaaka


The research infrastructure in INAR is called INAR RI. INAR RI includes a number of well-equipped, continuously functioning field measurement stations around Finland, and experimental atmosphere and ecological laboratories.

The data generated in INAR is used to investigate ecosystem and atmospheric processes and their feedback mechanisms, the development of methodologies and measurement instrumentation, and climate modelling.

INAR RI functions as a distributed infrastructure which includes components from all INAR partner universities and research institutes. INAR RI has additional partners: CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd and Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Key INAR RI measurement stations include four SMEAR (Station for Measuring Ecosystem Atmosphere Relations) stations in Värriö, Hyytiälä, Helsinki and Kuopio, and the Pallas-Sodankylä Global Atmospheric Watch station. In addition, brand new measurement stations are being built and equipped, for example in wetlands and agricultural areas, in 2014 - 2015. Experimental INAR RI laboratories, which enable analysing the phenomena observed at SMEAR stations further in controlled environment, are located in the partner universities and research institutions.

INAR participates in the activities of several ESFRI and other international research infrastructure networks.

INAR RI is supported by the Academy of Finland. INAR RI belongs to the Finland's research infrastructure strategy and the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2014-2020.