B INAR-logomvaaka



INAR and INAR RI faciliate the high level education in all levels from master students  to professors. Its multidisciplinary nature enables students, postdocs and senior scientists in variety disciplines to use the RI.

The general objective of the training and promoting of the research career are:

  • to educate a next generation of researchers and specialists in atmospheric research
  • to establish future collaboration between PhD students with national and international parties involved in atmospheric / Earth system research and technology
  • to provide transversal training addressing all aspects of the atmospheric and Earth system observation, from instrument development, data provision to data application in numerical models
  • to provide transferable skills applicable on a wide range of scientific and expert tasks in the society.


Doctoral training

The doctoral training connected to the INAR  is organized through doctoral programs.

The national doctoral programme in Atmospheric Sciences at the university of Helsinki, Department of Physics, aims to educate a next generation of top-level scientists and experts with all the necessary multidisciplinary skills to tackle the future challenges of climate change, air quality matters and environmental technologies. The supra disciplinary education will enable those experts to serve at different challenging positions in society and industry.  

The Doctorate program in Aerosol Science organised by University of Eastern Finland aims to train experts in the fields of atmospheric research and the health effects of aerosols. 


Training courses

The INAR RI sites are constantly used for training courses such as field courses and summer and winter schools, providing the students with an access to the infrastructure and data collected at the stations. The students come from universities and other partner organizations all around the world.